You’re inspired to create powerful content, but you get overwhelmed by the administrative tasks involved in getting that content out to the world. (Podcast automation is NOT a quick thing to do!) .

You’ve been trying on your own for a while, but nothing’s happening.

How do you grow this podcast? Should you just give up? Do you feel it’s honestly so hard to finish everything you need to in a day?

Whether you’re a beginner in podcasting or a pro looking to shake things up, my approach is the same:

I’ll meet you exactly where you are.

Hello, present & future podcasters!

My mission at Berta Wired is to help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses, achieve expert status in their niches, & spread their messages to improve the lives of others.

As a podcast production company, there are two main ways we do this:

I coach you to create and manage a podcast yourself.


As an expert partner, I’m in your business, providing you with complete podcast development, production, and syndication. So you can spend your valuable time creating expert content and creating business success!


I believe freedom is something we all should have in our work, relationships and life. Freedom to express ourselves, freedom to seek happiness, freedom to enjoy life and experiment with what makes us shine.

I also believe that a successful business provides women with the freedom to travel and create a lifestyle they love instead of overworking to survive.

What is life without being kind? I believe kindness is a gift we all have as human beings and that by taking advantage of it we can all have a more fulfilled life.

Being kind to others is a gift you give to yourself. And being kind to yourself is the best gift you can ever give!

While I agree that life is tough, that doesn’t mean we can’t look for the good and keep on smiling. I believe in the power of positive thinking and laughter to overcome obstacles and have a fulfilled life.

I’d never realized how persistent I was until one day my mother told me: "Daughter, you were destined to succeed. With your patience and passion,  there’s no stopping you.”

I saw that she was right and above all how little value I’d given to those wonderful qualities. If you want something in life, fight, insist, and don’t give up. It’ll be worth it!

I believe being honest should be a priority. If everyone committed to honesty, life would be much more delightful and easy!

When you’re honest and kind, great things happen around you because you attract like-minded people worth being around.

Meet me (Berta Wired) – your podcast expert!

My journey to podcasting wasn’t a straight line—I had to innovate and create a digital production career for myself!

I was always a creative thinker… and very responsible too. So, sometimes, that responsibility led to me making decisions more out of practicality than passion.

At college, I studied something that was both safe and allowed me to be creative: interior design. Except “safe” was a lie.

In 2008, just before I graduated, Spain was hit hard by the financial crisis, so interior design was probably the worst subject I could’ve studied!

The work I could find in my field was also very limiting, so I considered my options and one main criteria of living close to the water and moved to Ibiza for a summer job.

While I was there, I met a guy who’d be my boyfriend for the next few years. We moved to Switzerland together, intending to stay for 6 months. We ended up staying more than 2 years.

Later we moved to Australia, and then France, where I kept working for my employer in Australia virtually.

After my boyfriend and I broke up, I took the job with me but had to move back in with my parents. With so much independence over the last 8 years, I’d been abroad, I felt really trapped. The long hours and poor pay of that first online job were also draining the life out of me.

I didn’t know what to do next for work, but I knew I wanted—no, needed—to keep traveling. And the one thing this job could do while I had it was to let me travel while I worked.

I started Googling options for traveling as a digital nomad… in a group! I decided to apply for a trip to South Africa and joined a group of 25 who came from every corner of the world. For those 6 weeks, I was already so much closer to the life I wanted to live… but still wasn’t sure what kind of online work would help me make a better living and have a better work-life balance at the same time. Finally, a friend sent over a link to a course about becoming a virtual assistant.

This was a huge stepping stone.

At first, I learned about everything. From video production to repurposing content and from Pinterest to podcasting. It was worthwhile because I was great at all of it, but I quickly realized that I loved podcasting even more.

I realized that many entrepreneurs, especially B2B (business to business), absolutely loved the medium. And I thoroughly believed in and had seen with my own eyes the power of podcasts to grow amazing businesses by reaching the right audience and establishing authority in a niche.

So, I realized it was time to dive all in and give 100% of myself to supporting clients with top to bottom podcast services, from development all the way through to syndication. Berta Wired, a podcast production company for expert entrepreneurs, entered the world.

Running Berta Wired lets me travel, spend time with family, speak multiple languages, and create a lifestyle I love while helping other women to do the same.

There’s nothing more satisfying than helping you get your message out into the world and grow your business, all while having a positive impact on your community.

It’s what I was meant to do. Is podcasting meant for you too?

My vision is that Berta Wired will help women share their knowledge with the world through podcasts.

Because that’s how they’re going to help the most people at the end of the day.