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You just want to focus on what you do best and create content.

As much as you know that podcasting is the fastest way to reach your target audience, you feel overwhelmed by the thought of adding “learn podcasting” to your own to-do list.

You just don’t have the time or energy to spend figuring it out—especially the technical stuff!

Plus, you have the uncomfortable feeling that if you DIY it, your podcast will sound “amateur,” and no one will listen.

Maybe you’ve been trying it DIY for a while, but nothing’s happening. “How do I grow this podcast? Should I just give up?”

You’re done with the overwhelm—it’s time to delegate to an expert and someone that’ll treat your baby as its own. You deserve to grow your audience with ease and keep doing what you love.

In either case, you’re in the right place.

I believe in using your podcast to grow your business audience, so you have choice over your life, allowing you to succeed at work and have a family too.

My vision is that Berta Wired will help women share their knowledge with the world through podcasts, a free medium that’s accessible to almost everyone, including potential clients whose lifestyles are too busy for them to sit down and read books or watch videos.

Are you ready to start using your podcast to grow your business audience?

My clients are lifestyle entrepreneurs who want to work less and have more free time while also running an impactful business.

Their expert positioning as a podcaster ensures consistent clients and collaborations.

This level of recognition in the online business space gives them time and money to visit friends and family, travel, and learn about other cultures. Clients include branding and marketing agencies like MKW Creative Co. and Patricia Marra, copywriters like Emma Givens: Content & Copy, and coaches like Caroline Ofenstein.

You know it’s time to take the leap, and you’re just looking for someone you can trust!

You want to start using your podcast to grow your business audience.

You want to take the launch, strategy, and tech of podcasting off your plate so you can get straight to creating content that’ll serve your audience.

You’re a superwoman who wants to master podcasting yourself but needs to learn the strategy and skills from an expert!

You’ll walk away from our work together:

Stress-free and with a dancing-in-the-rain feeling!

Reaching out to more people, using the power of podcasts for organic growth.

Relaxed, focused, and confident that you’re working on a strategy that’ll give you more time to create and help more clients.

Exclaiming, “Thanks to Berta’s help and guidance, it was easier than I ever could’ve imagined creating a thriving podcast!”

The 4 ways to start using your podcast to grow your business audience:

Innovative Audit

  • Comprehensive questionnaire to learn all the ins and outs of your podcast for customized recommendations.
  • Episode evaluation based on your recording quality and editing techniques.
  • Video presentation with final recommendations.
  • Follow up, 1:1 strategy call.



Podcast Launch VIP

  • Custom-made intro, outro, trailer, and description. 
  • Three episodes edited and mixed, with detailed show notes.
  • Edited intro, outro, trailer, and ads.
  • Podcast cover, launch graphics, and templates.
  • An extensive workbook filled with videos and questions to guide you through the launch.
  • Podcast host set-up and scheduling episodes.
  • Clips, audiograms, and quotes from your first three episodes.
  • Email templates for pitching potential guests and thank-you emails.


Starting at $1900

Relaxed Management

  • In-depth audio editing.
  • Adding intros, outros, teasers, and ads.
  • Show notes with relevant links.
  • Creating SM graphics, audio, video snippets, and quotes for each episode.
  • Video editing.
  • Uploading and scheduling episodes.
  • 1:1 monthly strategy calls.
  • Newsletters, IG & LI captions, transcriptions, keywords, etc.
  • And more!


Packages start at $497/month or let’s tailor the perfect one for you!

the wired method

An active DIY podcast course with 1:1 STRATEGY SESSIONS.
  • 3-phases of course material with workbooks and videos to establish a solid base for your future podcast.
  • Four 1:1 strategy calls.
  • Ongoing Voxer and email support.
  • Lifetime access to all materials and any future updates!
  • Bonus I: how and where to promote your brand new podcast.
  • Bonus II: 5 ways you can monetize your podcast.



1 - Innovative Audit

Your podcast has been running for a while now, but you wish someone could look at your workflow and strategy and give you insights on things you could do better that will help you grow and optimize your time.

2 - Podcast Launch VIP

You want to start podcasting to grow your business audience and stop wasting time and effort trying to figure it out on your own! Look no further! Is having a podcast one of your dreams?

3 - Relaxed Management

You already have a podcast but are looking for professional help to level up. You’re really at a point where you want to hire long-term team members. So whoever helps you with your podcast has to be more than just an editor!

4 - the wired method

This course is DIY but with 1:1 STRATEGY SESSIONS: Learn the strategy and technical skills basics for launching a successful Podcast so you have loyal listeners from Day 1.

Are you unsure which of the options is the right fit for your needs?

Now is the time to start using your podcast to grow your business audience!