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How to successfully launch a podcast to grow your business audience in just 4 weeks

Go from idea to launch in 4 weeks—without the hassle of doing it alone!

Is launching a podcast one of your dreams?

You want to successfully launch a podcast and stop wasting time and effort trying to figure it out on your own. You want to reach more people and use the power of podcasts for organic business growth.

The problem is that you’ve been putting off the idea for quite a while now. You might have even bought a $49 course to learn how to launch and edit on your own… that’s lying in your course graveyard.


Look no further; you’ve come to the right place!

Imagine having that podcast dream come true in as little as 4 weeks. Plus, a complete strategy to be successful plus 4 juicy episodes ready to leave your audience wanting more!

My mission at Berta Wired is to help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses, achieve expert status in their niches, & spread their messages to improve the lives of others.

I also believe that a successful business provides women with the freedom to travel and create a lifestyle they love instead of overworking to survive. Your podcast’s 24/7 success is a huge part of this strategy. Is that the business you want too?

How to successfully launch the podcast of your dreams

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty and see what’s included! There are 3 tried-and-true phases for a successful podcast launch.

Phase 1

Learn the foundations of launching a successful podcast, so you’re clear on your purpose and have loyal listeners from Day 1.

  • Prepping the launch with a strategy to create content that’ll draw in your ideal clients 24/7.
  • Help with equipment selection and time optimization systems to sound as good as you should.
  • Help to create your Intro, Outro & Trailer so that you’re speaking to your ideal listener from the first second.

Phase 2

This is when things start to get interesting. Do you feel the excitement?

  • We’ll have our kick-off call to go over your promotional strategy and solve any doubts, so you feel more confident.
  • You’re ready to pull out that mic and record your intro, outro, and those first juicy episodes!

Phase 3

This is when you sit back and relax while I make the magic happen!

  • Edit and schedule 4 episodes (Trailer + 3 episodes) to have a bigger impact on release.
  • Show notes including relevant links, so you’re sure listeners have access to everything important.
  • Configuration of your chosen hosting platform and distribution on major podcast players so everyone can find your great content.
  • 2 on-brand graphics to announce the launch. 
  • IG templates, audiograms, and quotes so you can promote every episode and grow your audience.
  • Embedding the show notes and podcast player to your website to draw more traffic to your business.

Throughout the whole launch:

Customized ClickUp board with tasks and steps for a worry-free, successful launch.

Ongoing support during the launch to enjoy every part of the process.


You can now pop up that bottle of champagne and do a little crazy dance because… YOU DID IT!

Your podcast is launched into the world for many years to come.
It’s time to promote it and start growing your audience!


Unless you wish to take over and do it yourself, we’ll go on a monthly retainer to manage it for you and free up your time.

Head over HERE to check the available packages. And if none are the perfect fit, no worries, we’ll tailor the right custom package for your business.

Sure we can! My recommendation is to at least launch it with the trailer + 3 episodes. However, we can release more episodes, especially if the chosen frequency is more than one episode a week.

For sure! We'll have already talked about your ideas on our discovery call, and once we get to work, we'll touch on this in phase one when prepping the strategy of your podcast.

Like anything, if you put in the work and provide what I need on time, yes, we can launch in 4 weeks or even less. However, a few factors take place, one of them being the format (it’s not the same to have a solo as an interview kind of podcast.) 

If you don’t want to feel “rushed", we could always aim for 6 weeks! 

Now you’ve gone from daydreaming to knowing exactly how to successfully launch a podcast.

It’s time for expert support to start using this marketing tool to benefit others from your knowledge. We’re just a call away!

Click the button below to book your coffee chat. Can’t wait to feel the rush of finally successfully launching a podcast—with an expert plan?