Innovative Audit

Do you spend too much time trying to make your podcast stand out but still don't think it’s up to par?

You want to master podcasting because it’s a powerful marketing tool – but you don’t have time to waste anymore Googling aimlessly for tips.

You want to implement new strategies and learn tips and tricks to make your podcast stand out. It’s time to go from beginner to professional and make the most of your efforts.

Do you wish to take your podcast to the next level?

You’ve been trying on your own for a while, but nothing’s happening. “How do I grow and make this podcast stand out? Should I just give up?”

You may even have the uncomfortable feeling that your podcast sounds “amateur” and that you might be losing listeners on the go.

You’re all set, and your podcast has been running for a while now, but you wish someone could look at your workflow and strategy.

You want an expert to give you insights on things you could do better that’ll help you grow and optimize your time.

This Podcast Audit will help you implement new strategies to make your podcast stand out and provide you with tips to uplevel from where you are now.

You’ll walk away with a concrete and customized plan that you can start implementing right away to uplevel your podcast!

My mission at Berta Wired is to help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses, achieve expert status in their niches, & spread their messages to improve the lives of others.

I also believe that a successful business with a podcast that brings in an audience 24/7 provides women with freedom. Freedom to travel and create a lifestyle they love instead of overworking to survive.

Make your podcast stand out!

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty and see what’s included with a Podcast Audit! 


One week after I’ve received your completed form.

Book your call in the following 2 weeks after receiving the video presentation.

Between 30 to 60 minutes. Set aside an hour!

There’s no limit. You’ll implement the suggestions at your own pace, dependent on the steps involved. But the more you’ve implemented before our 1:1 call, the more we can chat about live during that time. 

Your Podcast Audit will take you from Googling, trying to find the answers on your own to know exactly the right next move for your podcast.

It’s time for expert support to take a giant step forward. Make your podcast a rewarding part of your business strategy. We’re just a call away!

Book a free discovery call to make your podcast stand out today.