Podcast Launch VIP Week

Release your podcast out into the world in a flash with the Podcast Launch VIP Week

Launch a podcast in a week—without the hassle of doing it alone!

Step into your zone of genius by creating thought-leader-worthy content and leaving the rest to us. Within one week, you’ll launch your dream podcast, equipped with on-brand copy and design.

Can I really focus only on recording and handle the rest?

Aladdin’s lamp: wish granted!

Podcasts we’ve worked with:

Let’s be real: you’re good at what you do.

You’re growing a thriving business while transforming the lives of your clients. And from these experiences, you have loads of insights to share outside of your existing circle.

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of starting a podcast, or it has at least been on your radar for quite some time. You know how powerful podcasting can be for business growth and attracting aligned clients.

But… Everything gets quickly squashed once you Google “how to start a podcast.”

From audio leveling to content strategy to promo materials on social media… Talk about information overload!

You wish you could just flick your microphone on and be done with it—and rightfully so! Starting a podcast should be simple so that you can focus on your expertise and help your fantastic clients, all while experiencing the freedom you went into entrepreneurship for.

The good news? Launching a professional podcast without spending hours trying to learn Audacity (editing software) and all the ins and outs is totally achievable.

OUR mission at Berta Wired is to help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses, achieve expert status in their niches, & spread their messages to improve the lives of others.

Picture this:

Stop wasting time trying to do it all, and start focusing on creating cutting-edge content!

Already excited? Same here! 

That’s why we’re excited to share with you:

The Podcast Launch VIP Week.

A comprehensive one-stop-shop podcast launch service for female entrepreneurs who want to release the podcast they’ve envisioned with a team of professionals to take care of everything behind the scenes.

A comprehensive one-stop-shop podcast launch service for female entrepreneurs who want to release the podcast they’ve envisioned with a team of professionals to take care of everything behind the scenes.

Here’s what’s included:

All you need to do is develop the content and topics you already know how to create and press ‘record.’

PLUS A special bonus!

We know that launching your podcast is just the start of your journey.

That’s why we’re also throwing in templated emails for pitching potential guests and thank-you emails after you’ve recorded your interview to help you streamline your process!

Want to enter the podcasting world with even more zest?

Sprinkle in some add-ons like:

  • Video editing for YouTube to cast an even wider net
  • Additional clips to go all in on your marketing game
  • Blog posts to skyrocket traffic to your website

And… now more than ever, with the help of AI, possibilities are endless! 

Have something else in mind that you don’t see here? Let’s talk! We’re here to create the best plan for you and your podcast.

Craving to know more? Let’s dive into the juicy details

Here’s how it works:

Preparing for your podcast launch week:

Let’s get the ball rolling!

  • As soon as you’ve onboarded: you’ll receive your workbook and questionnaire. Now’s the time to start planning and recording your first three top-notch episodes!
  • Once the questionnaire is complete, our graphic designer will create your cover art, promo graphics, and templates. At the same time, our copywriter will craft your intro, outro, trailer, and description.
  • Once the questionnaire is complete, you’ll receive feedback from Berta on the podcast title and music so we can start to pick up more momentum.
  • Once you record your three episodes, we’ll edit them, and our copywriter will create SEO-infused show notes.

Launch Week

Now it’s time to hit the ground running!

  • This is your week and we’re here to make sure that your vision is brought to life. Each day, we’ll give you an email of goodies for you to review and fine-tune.
  • A sneak peek of things you’ll find in your inbox: your trailer and first three episodes mixed and edited, graphics, copy, and marketing materials to promote your podcast!
  • On Thursday, your trailer will be uploaded in the scheduler, ready to be distributed on all major podcast platforms!

Pre-launch day

Your trailer is released, and it’s all coming together!

  • Any updated promo material
  • Any last revisions
  • Episodes 1-3 are in the scheduler, ready to blast for launch day!



You’ve got the questions—we’ve got the answers!

Yes! If you’d like to continue our work together after the launch, you can select one of our podcast production services packages that are entirely customizable to best suit your needs.

This is something that we’ll discuss on our discovery call. We’ll work together to set a time that works for both you and our team!

We understand that things happen and plans change. At the same time, our team carves out time in their schedule to ensure that your launch is a success. We can reschedule the week for an additional fee if you need more time.

Sure we can! If you’d like, we can release more episodes— especially if the chosen frequency is more than one episode a week.

The Podcast Launch VIP Week will take you from the workload paralysis of trying to figure it out alone to being a published podcast host in just one week!

Now’s the time to take accelerated action to free up your time and hone in on your expertise.

Ready to launch? Click the button below to fill out our intake form and apply today!