The Wired Method

Are you still wasting time trying to DIY your podcast?

The Wired Method isn’t a DIY podcast course, and it’s not a DONE-FOR-YOU service either! It’s active DIY with 1:1 STRATEGY SESSIONS.

The Wired Method will take you from being overwhelmed by all the component parts, tech, planning, and who-knows-what-else it takes to get a podcast in the world…

TO… launch it with a complete strategy and that speaks to your audience!

As an established podcast producer, I’ve seen too many people with amazing ideas to share getting stuck because:

this is for you if:

You’ll walk away from the wired method with:

My mission at Berta Wired is to help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses, achieve expert status in their niches, & spread their messages to improve the lives of others.

I also believe that a successful business provides women with the freedom to travel and create a lifestyle they love instead of overworking to survive. Your podcast’s 24/7 success is a huge part of this strategy.

Here’s how it works:

Introducing: The Wired Method

Phase 1: Strategy

Learn the foundations of launching a successful podcast, so you’re clear on your purpose and have loyal listeners from Day 1.

  1. Your main goal
  2. The topic—what is it going to be about?
  3. Your ideal client avatar
  4. Your mission, vision, and values
  5. The benefit your listeners will get from listening to your podcast
  6. Why you—your unique value
  7. Format, frequency, and best day of publication
  8. Coming up with the best name
  9. Writing a compelling description
  10. Equipment and tools for recording and editing

Phase 2: Defining

Learn how to take each step to launch a podcast, from making the technical side easy to promoting for thousands of downloads.

11. Create striking and representative cover art
Create an intro, outro and choose your music
13. Write the show’s trailer. What to say?
14. Learn how to script the episodes for maximum retention
15. Things to keep in mind and preparation before recording
16. Type of show notes and what to include
17. Define your content pillars + brainstorming during this phase’s strategy call
18. Your unique instrument - Your Voice

Phase 3: Learn & Create

Learn how to record, edit, optimize and manage your podcast like a pro and how to be fully independent.

19. How to download and install Audacity (recording software)
20. How to import into Audacity, get to know its interface, and learn to record 
21. Voice + music—how to mix them in Audacity
22. Reduce background noise in Audacity
23. Learn to edit in Audacity
24. Improve the quality of your voice in Audacity
25. How to export your episodes and the use of ID3 tags (This ensures that episodes display correctly in all podcast playback applications, including Apple Podcasts)
26. Shortcuts—How to edit faster in Audacity
27. Hosting and permissions: RSS Feed, Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc
28. How to plan and organize your podcast episodes
29. Publish on your website to get them right where you sell your products or services!

Plus 2 juicy bonuses!


Learn how and where you can start promoting your brand new podcast, how to create audiograms so people can’t wait to tune in to your most recent episodes, and how to repurpose your podcast content! 

Value: $197

BONUS II – Learn 5 ways you can monetize your podcast.

Should all podcasters try to monetize? This bonus covers why you might want to monetize and how to make money podcasting, regardless of size. The main ways to monetize: Sponsors; Affiliates and reference products; Your products and services; Merchandising; and Donations.

Value: $197

Access guaranteed

You have forever access to the DIY podcast course materials to review the content at any time AND access to all future updates.

You, of course, have access to the bonuses forever too!


You can use The Wired Method to launch your podcast in as short as 4 weeks or take up to 3 months. It mostly depends on the time you can dedicate to each week. Once you’re committed to launching your podcast, the sweet spot is between 4 and 8 weeks.

Yes, I understand that unforeseen events may occur in our day-to-day lives. That said, a podcast is a commitment, so you should aim to meet deadlines from the get-go.

You’ll have my ongoing support via Voxer or email throughout the entire launch and until 2 weeks after your podcast goes live.

Each 1:1 session lasts approx 2 hours. There is plenty of time to review everything and answer any questions during this time. However, if you really need an extra session, we could discuss the options!

Yes! The videos explain in detail how to do each part of the puzzle, and remember, you have my ongoing support for any questions or clarifications and the 1:1 sessions.

My short answer is no. However, this will mostly depend on your perception of what’s “easy” or “challenging.” It also depends on how patient you are with yourself learning a new skill and probably stepping out of your comfort zone. If you follow the video tutorials, you’re kind to yourself, and you practice; in no time, you’ll see how easy it’s become.

This better-than-DIY podcast course, The Wired Method, will take you from “I don’t even know where to start” and no action to launching a top-notch podcast in no time!

If this sounds like: OMG, have you just read my mind?? or maybe like: I have some questions to see if it’s 100% the right fit?

Either way, book your free coffee chat with me today, and let’s see if 2022 is the year your podcast dream comes true!

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